With different choices of childcare available, it may be a daunting task choosing who cares for your child or children whilst you work.

A Registered Childminder is self-employed and provides childcare from their own home.

Registered Childminders have to go through an extensive process by Ofsted, and Kingston Upon Hull City Council before receiving registration. Our service has been inspected by Ofsted and graded as “Good”. Through further training and quality assurance measures, we are now Accredited, and as such can provide government funded free childcare places.

We provide a low child:adult ratio.

Our core day hours are from 6am to 5.30pm, but we offer flexible hours outside these times by arrangement

Able to provide continuity of care from a few months old to primary school

Providing trips within our area (parks, countryside, & seaside).

Care within a safe home environment.

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What is a Childminder FREE CHILD CARE

We are accredited childminders, and can offer up to 30 hours of government funded free childcare to children ages two, three and four*


Feel free to give us a call for more info. Terms and conditions apply. Places subject to availability.

Welcome to the homepage of Kingswood Parks Childminding. We provide families of Kingswood Parks, Hull and the surrounding areas with quality childcare from our home. H

ull Day Care

Our ethos is to let children under our care to flourish emotionally, socially, physically & academically all in a home from home environment. Hull Childminder Hull Child minder Hull child care Free childcare free childmnder free nursery care day nursery


Nursery or Childminder?

Both types of care can offer advantages over the other. We believe that the service we provide is a much more personal one, than the likes of care available in large nurseries.

We offer stability in that as a married couple, we are always the same care providers. Nurseries often have a high turn over of young inexperienced staff. We have the maturity of age, years of working in childcare provision, coupled with the experience of being parents to four children, ages 3 through 13.

The care we provide is more akin to being in a large family, rather than just being a child in a large facility. Children generally settle in with us much quicker than they do in nurseries. We’ve had so many parents who’ve had their children in nurseries previously, amazed by how soon their little ones fit in, and they see that they genuinely love staying with us.

Lower numbers within our home means more a personalised care, less children means less chances of sicknesses, and ultimately that your child never becomes lost in a crowd of tiny faces.

Unlike a nursery, we provide a daily photo record, so that at the end of each day, you can see first hand what fun, and activities your child has been up to.

Finally we can match nurseries in providing free funded places to three and four year olds. Why choose the rigid formalities of a nursery for your child or baby, when they could have the freedom to live and play with our “big  family”

Email: sharon@hulldaycare.co.uk Telephone:        01482 836134
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